Meet Dr Rakeshnie Ramoutar-Prieschl

Why OWSD membership is important

Gender bias continues to pose a problem to women, especially to women in science. And it becomes an increasingly frustrating issue, when our contributions are undervalued.  Being part of OSWD, means that we, as women in science can proactively take the necessary strides to change this narrative – women need to support each other, build each other and be recognised as equal players in the global science arena.

What inspires me
When women support each other, incredible things happen


Dr Ramoutar-Prieschl obtained her Doctorate in business management and her Master’s in biotechnology. As an academic, she has lectured, tutored and mentored both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, she has served on various committees including the National Science and Technology Forum Awards and the Nanotechnology Public Engagement Programme, and has served on various advisory boards and steering committees including the Centre for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy. She is a member of the Executive Committee for the Organisation of Women in Science in Developing Countries, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Child  Welfare South Africa.

Rakeshnie previously led the Infrastructure and Emerging Research Areas portfolio for over 11 years, as the Director within the Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development Directorate at the National Research Foundation. During her tenure, she has played a key role in developing a number of policies, strategies and frameworks that has provided the foundation for establishing, nurturing and sustaining a number of RI platforms in the country. She has also worked in vaccine development and has held various management positions including working at the Desmond  Tutu TB and HIV Centre. She has also managed a portfolio of investments in biotechnology companies focusing on drug development.

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