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OWSD South Africa National Chapter

The Organisation for Women in Science in the Developing World (OWSD) South Africa National Chapter is hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). It was inaugurated in 2009 and is made up of a group of OWSD International members in South Africa who aim to increase and promote female participation in Science and Technology (S&T) professions, in scientific leadership, and in decision-making processes at the national level. 


to shape the future of South Africa by contributing to conversations and actions that advance gender equality and equity, with a specific emphasis on the contributions, aspirations, needs and abilities of women in science, technology and innovation.


  1. Increase the participation of women in developing countries in scientific and technological research, teaching and leadership
  2. Promote the recognition of the scientific and technological achievements of women scientists and technologists in developing countries
  3. Promote collaboration and communication among women scientists and technologists in developing countries and with the international scientific community as a whole
  4. Increase access of women in developing countries to the socio-economic benefits of science and technology
  5. Promote the participation of women scientists and technologists in the development of their country
  6. Increase understanding of the role of science and technology in supporting women’s development activities

Executive Committee Members

EXCO members of the OWSD South African National Chapter are:


The Organisation for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) was formerly known as Third World Organisation for Women in Science (TWOWS). It is an international organisation whose central role is geared towards promoting women’s access to science and technology. It also aims to enhance their greater involvement in the decision-making processes for the development of their countries and the international scientific community. It was established in 1989 as an off-shoot of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), with an overall goal of bridging the gender gap in science and technology. 

OWSD’s key goals seek to:

  • Promote the participation of women in science and technology in the developing  world, with a view to strengthening their roles in the development of their countries;
  • Promote scientific and technological development of their countries, giving due consideration to existing different cultural and socio-economic systems;
  • Increase scientific productivity and efficiency of women scientists in the developing world by facilitating access to educational and training opportunities for women in science and technology;
  • Popularise and promote science and technology for the general welfare of society;
  • Create linkages between science and society (grassroots, schools, universities).

Geographically, OWSD is spread across four regions which include the African Region; the Arab Region; the Asia Pacific Region and the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Use this link to view a database of the OWSD SA Members:

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